Security Services

1. Secure Our City
Providing 10000 cctv units in each city across the world absolutely FREE.
We provide High resolution Analog/Digital/IP based cameras; Digital & Network based storage systems (DVRs & NVRs) and Remote video surveillance using Smart Phones & Tablets.

2. Access Control System
We provide a highly secure biometric & Cards based access control system designed to protect access to secure areas or restricted zones in a building. All products are backed up by our excellent customer services. Access control is very much site specific, there is no common off-the-shelf access system that will meet every need. It is essential that before installing a system all considerations are taken into account and designed accordingly. Our Technical Consultant will inspect your premises and discuss your needs with you, then recommend the ideal method of access control.

3.Time & Attendance Systems
Time and Attendance access control series featuring biometric fingerprint verification sensor and technologies, the devices are used to install on the door entrance with built-in time and attendance management software to better manage multi-access points attendance control and duty roster arrangement.

Network Cabling

As your business grows rapidly, having a robust, flexible and scalable network infrastructure is imperative. Technological developments and multiple choices have made IT-related decisions simply ‘complex’.
Our Network Integration Service includes a wide variety of deliverables including:
1. Review of approved technical design and creation of blue print for delivering a network of functional elements.
2. WAN and Application Acceleration Solutions.
3. Bandwidth Optimization and Quality of Service (QoS) design and implementation.
4. Turn-up of Layer 2 and 3 logical connections.
5. Server and Service Load balancing solutions to provide maximum availability of systems and resources.

Telecommunication Systems

Today, the necessity of intelligent solutions in telecommunications has reached to a point that has never been before and is assured to continue being on the rise by the ever-increasing telecommunication demands of the corporate world.

Hardware Supplies

Service Engineers in Secure Cam provides onsite installations, inspections for repair & services of DeskJet. LaserJet Printers etc.

Web Designing & Development

Our web development, not only creates a custom website design and provides you with a corporate identity and branding through our website making company services, take your site/the products to your audience and also maintains it thereafter for a promising result delivery through our design and online marketing services. If it’s an online store that you wish to own with user friendly and appealing looks and functionalities.

Audio & Video Services

We are the premier Audio Visual Systems Integration provider specializing in the design, installation and support of multimedia presentation technology, video and audio conferencing systems, and customized communication products. We offer a range of presentation and interactive communication meeting solutions. Our systems focus on the needs of each customer including high-definition projection technology, videoconferencing and telepresence for remote participation and distance learning. We also provide digital signage and advanced messaging systems for dynamic address and multimedia streaming, as well as content management including video recording and archival.

Public Address System

Public Address Systems (PA systems) can easily be installed as a simple stand-alone system or it can be integrated within CCTV, Access Control or fire Alarm systems. One of the most flexible features of public address system is its vast range of use, from simple Public address system within a doctor’s surgery to a complex public address system such as is used in an international airport.

Annual Maintenance Contract

Secure Cam offers your company a support and service contract to keep your business equipment systems running at peak performance. The service contract includes regular scheduled maintenance for all systems and equipment at an agreed service level and cost. We offer phone and on-site support as well as support for a wide range of hardware. We can offer you with the utmost promising level of customer service.